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Web Design

We received positive feedback and most importantly more visits on mobile because of the responsive web design. In this digital age with increasing mobile usage, it is important that we adopt a good mobile strategy to reach out to more prospects.

Do You Really Have A Proper Digital Strategy?

We have all seen tons of websites that are beautifully designed, have slick functionalities and portray a strong sense of professionalism. You see, that’s great but that’s not going to be enough.

Time and again, we hear website owners complain and get really frustrated about spending tens of thousands of dollars on web design that don’t turn website traffic into leads, sales or the engagement they desire.


They then went on with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-per-click Ads (PPC), Social Media and whatever is the hot on the internet, without first solving the problems on their website design.

They fail to realise and act upon the fact that their websites or digital channels are not optimized to convert their traffic into qualified leads and sales.

Money and opportunity costs lost! Don’t make the same mistakes they did.


Now You Can Finally Unlock the Converting Power of Your Website by Applying our Web Design Methodology

Secrets To A Highly Effective Website: The Right Method

Many businesses are missing out on the crucial opportunity to get their visitors to actually engage with their website. Think about it. If you can get your visitors to actually do something while on your site and engage them, there’s a greater chance that you are going to push them through the funnel.

With a professional and experienced team, we devised this methodology to help you radically achieve maximum returns from your website through optimized conversion.

How Will This Benefit You?

Be rewarded with great Return On Investment when your website:

    1. Reaches out to more customers regardless of the different browsing devices they use.
    2. Ensures that all website visitors enjoy the same user experience.



    1. Calling your company’s hotline.
    2. Making sales enquiries.
    3. Patronizing your physical stores.
    4. Patronizing your physical stores.
    5. Making e-commerce transactions.
    6. Registering/paying for events.
    7. Subscribing to your product and mailing list.
    8. Downloading your virtual product.

Regardless the objectives you want to achieve with your website, all of the above will almost always give you more sales, more leads and more customer engagement through optimized conversion!

1. Optimized For The Right Prospects

Perceived Customization

Different visitors arrive at your website everyday but they expect your product or service to be exactly what they’re looking for and to feel almost as if it were specifically designed for them. This is what we call “perceived customization”.

How do we do that?

By discovering what your visitors want and giving them what they want!

The secret is not about customizing the products or services you sell, it’s about making it feel that way. Through designing segmentation funnels & quizzes on the website and gathering user data, we can personalize content for the different targeted prospects on your website.

2. Optimized With The Right Design

Persuasive Web Design

Your website should be able to persuade your visitors to perform the actions you want them to (the conversions), which can be actions like signing up your mailing list, making a purchase on the website or making an enquiry to your business immediately.

We apply psychology of persuasion theory on web design including:

  1. Reciprocation
  2. Commitment
  3. Social Proof
  4. Authority
  5. Scarcity
  6. Framing
  7. Salience

Of course, we can do more than just the above tactics, it’s about making human connections through good web design, invoking emotions through persuasive and delightful user experience.


Even if your headline, your copy, and your design are all on point, you might still be losing a significant percentage of your prospects because the action that you’re asking them to take (i.e. putting in a name and email address), may actually be too threatening.

Small steps reduce fear for better conversion rates.

We create segmentation funnels & quizzes to lead them to the opt-in.

3. Optimized With The Right Technology

Responsive Web Design



Advanced Content Management System

In this digital age when potential customers want information, they are searching fast and well. They are able to take quick action even before getting into any contact with a sales person. Your website should be able to display content that is personalized to the different visitors.

Everyone talks about it but is often left strangled not knowing how to go about implementing it.

You can’t just create personalized content and display to the targeted prospects WITHOUT the right programmatic technology assisting your content management system.

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