DatsPush: How to make money from Push notifications on your Website


Have you ever heard of DatsPush, or maybe you are one of its users? DatsPush is an advertising network that is fully focused on traffic from push notifications.

However, before discussing any further about DatsPush it doesn’t hurt we’re discussing a little bit about what a push notification is. Most of you must have been familiar enough with push notifications. Many website owners or mobile apps use this notification feature to get more traffic to their website or app.

For those of you who don’t know yet, push notifications are small messages that can reach your audience anywhere and anytime through their computers or gadgets. The Push notification does not depend on the site, but is associated with a Web browser and a mobile application.

The Push notification appears on the user’s device when there is content update or according to the wishes of the website owner. Each time a user sees the notification then they will most likely open it and redirect them to a site.

Generally, site owners utilize push notifications to increase website traffic. However, now the push notification can be a new source of income for the website owners.

What is DatsPush?

Datspush is an international advertising network specializing in push notifications.DatsPush is a promotional network through push notifications that can help website owners earn money from their websites, and at the same time benefit advertisers by delivering high-quality traffic sources.

DatsPush is one of the most popular CPA affiliate networks, and leadbit is behind the platform. All website owners can monetize their website traffic by registering to this platform, no matter which of your current geographical location.

Currently DatsPush can be used from all over the world where the average cost per click of the ad is $0.003 – $0.006. From The Advertiser side, the minimum funding in the account to start a promotional campaign is $100.

This ad network is perfect for publishers who want to earn extra money from push notification features on their site. However, before deciding to become a publisher they should consider what the platform’s advantages and disadvantages are. Please keep reading.

DatsPush Publisher Basic Provisions

Although all websites can use push notification features, they are not all acceptable to be publishers of DatsPush. The following are the basic provisions that must be met by the website owner in order to join the DatsPush Publisher:

  • Registered websites must use paid hosting.
  • The registered Website must have a minimum visitor of 500 UV per day.
  • Website owners are willing to provide statistics on registered websites, such as Google Analyitycs.
  • It is not allowed to put the code from DatsPush on the Web page that has not been registered before.

DatsPush Feature for Publisher

Before deciding to join DatsPush, make sure you know what are the features on the platform. The following are some of the key features offered by DatsPush to their publishers:

1. Various AD formats

The notification system of DatsPush can reach desktop and mobile users. Currently DatsPush offers three ad formats that can reach users of desktop and mobile computers simultaneously.

  • Mobile Push: From its name we know that the mobile push advertising target is a mobile user, that is through a notification at the top of their phone screen.
  • Web push: Target Web ad push is a website subscriber via notification at the corner of their computer/laptop monitor even though the browser has been minimized.
  • Rich push: This rich push is more about the content of a notification because it contains an image and a description of the ad.

Here’s how ads are from DatsPush on desktop

2. Convenient payment method

DatsPush can accommodate two payment methods: CPA-bassed and RevShare. You can choose one of them.

  • CPA-Based: When your site user decides to become a subscriber on the site That Implements DatsPush, you will be paid. Starting from $20 per 1000 push subscriptions.
  • Revshare: On this method the website owner will be paid every time a subscriber clicks on the ads that appear on the push notification. The value is 75% of each click made by Subsriber of your website.

3. Easy registration Process

DatsPush isn’t like any other advertising network that asks website owners to include a lot of information when registering. Once the registration process is complete, you can retrieve the available code and then place it on your website.

Signing up is very easy:

  • Please register as Publisher DatsPush.
  • Create your user name.
  • Fill in a valid email address.
  • Fill in your Telegram account (optional).
  • Fill in your Skype account (optional).
  • Insert your password.
  • Click Sign Up
  • Once successful, you will get a personal dashboard to make further arrangements.

Next, click the I Have a Site button

After that, click Save then you can get the ad code that will be inserted into your website. Enter the DatsPush ad code in the root directory of your public HTML website. Next, DatsPush ads will start working.

DatsPush will start displaying notification messages to your website visitors, whether or not to get notifications. The registration process and the implementation of the code to the website only take about 5 minutes.

4. Personal Account Manager

For those who need help, DatsPush provides support through the personal Account Manager. In many cases, this personal account Manager is very helpful to publishers, such as providing recommendations for ad optimisation, faster payment submission and more.

5. Real Time Statistics

On the DatsPush dashboard page, publishers can view real-time stats easily. It is very helpful for you to track daily website performance and calculate income.

6. Flexible Payment Process

In general, the payment process of Publisher DatsPush is done at the end of each month. However, publishers can propose payment times to every week. Even on websites with very high traffic, publishers can apply for payment per day.

7. Quality Advertiser and security

According to reviews from multiple sites, to date there is no suspicious advertiser on the DatsPush platform. They are very strict in maintaining the advertising platform’s ecosystem, and follow Microsoft’s security guidelines.

Advantages and disadvantages of DatsPush

Each advertising platform certainly has its own advantages and disadvantages. Referring to the above explanation, here are some advantages and disadvantages of DatsPush:

1. Excess DatsPush

  • Additional revenue for website owners.
  • Landing pages with up to 15% click-through rate.
  • Receive publishers from all countries.
  • The script is easy to implement on any type of website.
  • Revenue with CPA or RevShare.
  • Get revenue 75% from each ad click.
  • Flexible payment method. You can use the payment options via Paypal, WebMoney, and Epayments.
  • DatsPush applies the payment to the publicity every week, i.e. a minimum of $15, or you can set it to every $50. But you can also negotiate a payment to be per day if your website revenue is large enough.
  • Three push notification ad formats to monetize traffic.
  • Prepayment for trusted Publishers.

2. Lack of DatsPush

  • In DatsPush, you can only monetize push notifications.
  • Some of your subscribers may be annoyed with push notification ads.
  • Traffic from push notifications to your website will be reduced as it is often filled by advertisements to other sites.

After the long explanation above, the question will arise. Is DatsPush worth being applied to your website? For a blogger, of course the revenue from push notification ads deserves to be considered.

But of course you can judge and determine according to the condition of your current website. However, monetizing push notifications on your website will be a unique concept where Datspush is present as a rapidly growing advertising network.